Friday, March 06, 2009

Marry Me

Check out this video roissy posted.

Island guy reminds me of an experience I once had:

I'm walking out of a private hospital catering to rich international people. There's this sixty year old man in a wheelchair just outside the entrance, smoking, with some beefy guy behind him. He calls me over, and starts talking to me in Arabic.

Him: "Do you work here?"

"I'm doing some work experience..."

"Where you from?"

"*insert my Arabic country of origin here*"

"Who're you living here with?"

"My mother."

"Ah, I see. I'm a sheikh. I'm looking for a new wife..." *he pauses* "I want to speak to your parents."

"*shock* Um, n-no but thank you... "

I then disappear very quickly.

My mother's reaction to this: " A sheikh! You could've let him have our number! Even if it wasn't you, maybe we could have your aunt set up. So old; but he was a sheeikh." She then promptly disappears with her phone with a "Guess who just got proposed to by a sheikh?"

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