Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arabic Sense of Humour

I was recently in a gathering of Arabic women (who just get up to such things when they're together!) and a witticism they made while having a joke-off snagged my attention. They're often suprisingly dirty jokes and the following is quite light in terms of that actually:

Mrs A: 'There's this Saudi woman, she asks her husband to tie her to the bed then do whatever he wants with her-- '

Mrs B interjects, laughing: 'Saudi woman, asking her husband for that?! That's the joke, isn't it?'

After letting the ensuing laughter die down, Mrs A continues: "Anyway, she asks him this and he agrees. He ties her to the bed *pause* then he leaves her there and travels to Bahrain."

This caused a bought of roaring laughter occurs. What's so significant about Bahrain? I can't tell really tell you.


  1. "What's so significant about Bahrain?"

    Bahrain contains one of the top "sin cities" in the world.


    Manama, Bahrain
    Welcome to the party oasis of the Middle East. Connected by a causeway to nearby Saudi Arabia, Manama is a popular spot for Saudis to kick back from their country’s restrictive laws. Here they can get hammered, go clubbing, mingle with the opposite sex, and if they’re really daring, they can pick up prostitutes -- a practice that’s illegal but widely available. While Manama is still largely a Muslim city, a third of its residents are foreigners, so it has led to a much more liberal culture that gave women the vote in 2001, and let them drive cars. For many Saudi males this proximity to an open culture is irresistible and many jam the causeway and fill flights to the city every weekend.

    Do you want to see what happens when Saudis cut loose and leave the rules behind? You may need to get in line."

  2. Thank you! It's wierd what secrets the Arab world hides from itself.